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Just like a bank, but better because our members come first. A Credit Union is when people come together to borrow, save and manage their money. A Credit Union gives the security and services of a bank, but because they are owned and run for their members.

Credit unions provide many of the services that banks do and are regulated by the PRA, Prudential Regulation Authority and authorised by the FCA, Financial Conduct Authority and regulated to keep your money safe. But unlike banks, because they are owned by and run for their members, their members come first. At 6 Towns Credit Union, the people we answer to are the people who use us. That could be you. Save with us … Our Savings Plus account Our Savings Plus account gives you easy access to your money and a dividend. Last year we paid 1.09% we believe it’s the best value you can get on the high street. Your deposit can be from as little as you like, up to £15,000. Start saving today. Priority Acount If keeping track of your essential bills and staying on top of things is a problem, we can help. Our priority account is there for people on benefits like Housing Benefit who might need a little extra help making sure important things like rent get paid on time. You can have your Housing Benefit paid into your priority account and as long as sufficient funds are available, we’ll do the rest. Christmas Save with us for Christmas. You can put something away throughout the year so your money is there for those special things when you need it.

  • Easy and affordable access to loans and financial services for everyone.
  • A range of different accounts to suit your needs including a fully functioning current account
  • Savings options including ISAs and our Savings Plus account giving some of the best returns on your money available.
  • Affordable loans from £50 upwards – including the UIK’s cheapest payday loans.
  • The knowledge that we are there for you, helping make you make the right choices to keep your money on track. Your money and your financial interests are safe with us. We are authorised by the FCA, Financial Conduct Authority and regulated PRA, Prudential Regulation Authority and your deposits are protected by FSCS, Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
  • Our services are designed around what people like you need. Whatever your income, whether you are financially secure and looking for something extra or on a low income and can’t find the right help, you can talk to us.

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