6Towns Credit Union provides loans to support account holders with everyday expenses such as unexpected bills and car repairs as well as helping you to live life to the full by offering loans for just about anything from holidays to home improvements.

Standard Loans

What's important to you? Your priorities are our priorities. From school uniforms to holidays, home appliances or even home improvements, getting a loan from 6Towns is a great solution.

Funds can be used for any purpose.

Save money while achieving your goals.

Quick and simple application process.


Payday Loan

To apply for a 6Towns Payday loan you must answer YES to the questions below

  1. In full-time or part-time employment (min 20 hours per week)

  2. Over 18 years of age

  3. A member of 6Towns Credit Union

  4. Your salary is paid into my 6Towns Credit Union Current Account

* If you are not currently a member of 6Towns Credit Union, you cannot apply for a payday loan with us.